Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Web Toolkit for the Savvy Web User by Seattle MindCampers

We had a great time at MindCamp this year. MindCamp is an "unconference". Which means that nobody knows what we're going to be doing until we get there. Everyone has a chance to propose a session topic, and people vote with their feet on the sessions they're interested in. For the next 24 hours, "stuff happens". Blue Dot hosted a session to see what people are using in their personal "web toolkit". We know that, as a Web 2.0 company, we're competing with lots of tools and services for mind-share. We were curious to know what kinds of things people have adopted and have incorporated into their regular routine. Our session was really fun. I was on stage facilitating, but every web site we talked about was proposed by an audience member. Kabir and Jigna manned the control booth, dotting the sites as we named them where they would show up on the screen behind me. I was really blown away by the knowledge and breadth of services that this audience is using; it's obvious that MindCamp really attracts the ├╝ber-geeks in the Seattle community. If you want to see what mainstream and leading-edge services MindCampers are using, you can see all the sites we dotted here: Web Toolkit on Blue Dot. If you were at MindCamp and want to add to the above list, just log in to Blue Dot and create a dot for your site using the tag "mindcamp".


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