Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blue Dot now easier to share with friends

Today we've launched new features on Blue Dot. This is our first big experiment with advertising; we think they are fairly non-intrusive, and will be relevant to things you and your friends are (publicly) dotting. We've also added the ability to "Add Friends by Email" whenever you create a new dot. In one step, you can publish a dot, and invite friends to view and comment on it. And they don't even have to be Blue Dot users to do so. Lastly, we've placed a "permalink" on all your public dots. Each dot has it's own web page, that you can now easily email to friends or post in a blog. We'd love to have your feedback on any of the new site features.


Blogger Adam said...

I love the permalinks... that is something I've been wanting easier access to for a while. It will drive more traffic to your individual pages too... which will hopefully drive traffic through your ads.

10/3/06, 1:55 PM  
Blogger Mohit said...

We have also improved our RSS feeds to include comment counts. For example, if five friends have commented on your Dot, you will see "Blue Dot Comments: 5" at the bottom of the feed.

10/4/06, 8:40 AM  

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