Monday, November 06, 2006

We'll be @ Mind Camp!

As some of you may know, we've decided to be one of the sponsors for Mind Camp this year. None of us at Blue Dot have been before, but we have heard great things about it from friends. You might think it's bold that we're sponsoring something we've never attended, but Andru Edwards is one helluva guy :) Not to mention this is a great place for us to share our thoughts, get suggestions, and showcase some of the newer tools we've released for bloggers. Mind Camp describes itself as a "a self-organizing, digitally minded, entrepreneur-driven, overnight Seattle confab" - which is right up our alley. Plus, I've heard that by the time night hits it's less about 'business' and more about hanging out with fellow Seattle technologists and entrepreneurs. Mohit, Mike, Jigna, and I will be there on Saturday hanging out and sharing some ideas on what's coming next for Blue Dot - come find us! - Kabir.


Blogger Adam said...

I'll be there. Are Mohit, Mike, or Jigna going to try to stay all 24 hours?

11/7/06, 7:20 AM  

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