Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Stuff on Blue Dot Today!

Blue Dot has added some more nifty things to the site today: - Bookmark importing from your browser - You'll now be able to import your browser bookmarks from any of the major browsers (Firefox/IE/Safari/Opera/etc.). Click here to import your bookmarks. - RSS feeds for any Dot view (Public Dots) - Just look at the bottom of any Dot page (in the footer) to get the feed URL. For those of you using RSS readers, you can now use Blue Dot to get a feed of all of your Friends' public Dots. - We've added instructions for adding "Dot This!" links to your blog posts. - Click here to find out how you can use "Dot This!" to promote your blog! - Ability to embed URLs into your Dots and comments - If you add a URL to your Dot or comment, it will now appear as a hyperlink. (Please note: this currently only works for "new" Dots and not ones you edit). - Improved advertising - Things should be looking more relevant to you. Let us know what you think! As always, please feel free to send along your ideas to us.


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