Saturday, October 07, 2006

Should Blue Dot Open Dots in a New Window?

We're having a discussion at Blue Dot about a new feature, so I thought I'd open it up to our users to see how they feel. Today, when you click on a Dot to go to the linked page, we re-use the same browser window. When you're done reading, you have to either use the Back button or click on the Blue Dot toolbar button to return to where you left off (and you may have lost the current position when scrolling through friends' dots). What do you think about Blue Dot opening dots in a new window? Some of us think many of our users would be annoyed at a change in the behavior. But the counter argument is that many people find navigation difficult now, and also inconvenient to lose their place when browsing our friends' dots. In any event - we will most likely make this an option that our users can change. But we have to pick a default behavior. What do YOU think we should do? Let me know which browser you're using when you vote.


Blogger Adam said...

I think you should open dots in a new window for exactly the reason identified. I hate losing my place when I'm scrolling through my friends dots.

10/8/06, 1:50 AM  
Blogger audrey said...

I agree! Open in a new window so I don't lose my place on the Blue Dot page.

10/8/06, 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Thornley said...

New Window. Or even better, a new Tab within the same browser window.
Then I can flip back and forth between the dot and the original blue dot page I came from without having to navigate between two windows.

10/9/06, 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

New window. Just seems so much easier.

10/11/06, 8:45 AM  
Anonymous Martin said...

Same window by default since you shouldn't change default browser behavior without a really good reason. Make it an option for the other folks that replied to this post.

Besides, smart users with multi-tabbed browsers should be middle-clicking.

10/12/06, 3:54 AM  

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