Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blue Dot & The Daily Reel!

Thanks to all of you who have added "Dot This!" to your sites in the past few weeks. It's been great seeing all the activity, and we all hope you're seeing more traffic and high quality referrals as a result of your content being shared within Blue Dot friend networks. Today, I'm very happy to announce we've partnered with The Daily Reel to add "Dot This!" - our first video content partner :) Their site is very cool: essentially they have an editorial staff of LA insiders who sift through thousands of videos per day and publish "the best of online video". You'll find everything from news to funny clips, and even a daily top 10. You can now add an extra editorial layer, by Dotting the videos you think are best directly from their site. They have also created a Daily Reel page on Blue Dot - so feel free to add them as a friend to have videos from the Daily Reel show up directly in your friends view (if you're so inclined). Any thoughts, questions, comments you have would be great - feel free to comment here or message me on Blue Dot! - Kabir.


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