Friday, November 03, 2006

Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you a frequent Blue Dot reader? You should know about some keyboard shortcuts that can make your reading faster:
  • Alt-N: Go to Next Page.
  • Alt-P: Go to Previous Page.
  • Alt-S: Select the search box.

Hope you enjoying the new features!


Blogger mohit said...

FYI, if you are using Firefox 2.0, these keyboard shortcuts are Alt-Shift-N, Alt-Shift-P, and so on.

11/4/06, 12:45 AM  
Anonymous Etan said...

How about giving the keyboard shortcuts for your Mac users as well? I know you're located close to the Mother Ship but still...

I'm pretty certain that someone had to actually code these, so thanks for that:

* Ctrl-N: Go to Next Page.
* Ctrl-P: Go to Previous Page.
* Ctrl-S: Select the search box.

11/4/06, 7:02 AM  

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