Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ok fine, it's my turn now.

Eric's been bugging me for months to post a little something on this blog. I figured since I did a quick redesign of the blog, now is a good time. I don't like to write too much, so don't hold this short post against me, k? Aside from coding cool new features for our cool users, I like to use Blue Dot to better keep in touch with my friends and family. Phone calls can cost me over $2/min at times, so I figured Blue Dot would be a cheaper alternative. And so far, I have to say that's it's been working rather well. And don't worry, I still get to talk to my family once in a while and our conversations are more fun thanks to Blue Dot. So there you have it, Eric... my first blog post EVER!


Blogger Adam said...

Oh wow. It looks really nice. It makes me feel at home b/c it looks like

5/17/06, 7:44 PM  
Blogger Nikki Chau said...


The new layout is hottilicious! You rock.

Thanks for all your cool coding. And write more, us cool users love to hear from you!

Btw, have you used to talk to your family. (I love saying, it makes me feel so gangsta).

Smile! ::)

5/18/06, 9:44 AM  

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