Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nikki's Daily Dot Review

Disclaimer: And by Daily I mean, whenever I feel like it, or when Seattle looks like this and I'm stuck inside with my climbing shoes. Oh, and it also depends on the readership too. If you like, I blog. Disclaimer 2: These are the Dots that I found funny, profound, and basically interesting (I know, such a catch-all word, but what other word can you use to describe *both* funny *and* boring?) My reviews don't necessarily reflect what's going on on Blue.Us, or what anyone else thinks, though, sometimes I think they really should, because like Carter says: I'm the president, I'm the emperor, I'm the king. I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito. Your a** belongs to me. Um just kidding. (Sometimes I really do think I'm a funny Black man, judging by how often I quote Chris Rock. I know, a small Asian girl imitating Chris Rock imitating Lil John, what a sight eh.) Fun contest: Guess which one of these Dots got reDotted the most. Answer at the end of the post. Ok, on to the Dots. Easter egg found on Jet Blue! Aka "whoa how'd you find that" Dot of the Day (tm). Derek dotted this thing from Jet Blue, where if you click on a city, hold down the Shift key, and type in "pbj", you'd find the Easter Egg. You can't go there now, because the pbj is gone, but hopefully not the brilliant programmer's job, because that was funny, and it made me want to fly Jet Blue, as did Kabir. But, you can go here and see what you missed. On a side note, if you know the programmer and he is canned from Jet Blue, start a petition! He put a personal face on Jet Blue and gave it... well, some personality. And you know what Mizz Hilton would say? That's hot. Alright, Derek also dotted another awesome adult toy. Ahem, not *that* kind of adult toy, mind you. I am talking about the kind of toy not found at Toys R Us (I'm assuming, since I don't frequent Toys R Us). Derek found the Manta Ray, and doesn't it look fun? So I nominate the Manta Ray to be "Fun Dot Toy of the Day". update: Upon closer inspection I realized that Mike Dotted about this first. Mike is always ahead of the Dot Curve. Finally, one last Dot from Derek that I liked was the coffee art/ads from El Diablo, a coffee shop on Queen Anne. Intermission Q&A Q: Nikki, why THREE Dots from Derek, and why does he get reviewed first? A: Because he has a really cute kitty picture as his profile pic. I'm a sucker for cute kitties. You should be too, so don't let this happen. Seeing that reminds me of Sung, so let's go see what he Dotted today. One thing you should know about me is that I'm very easily amused, especially by clever/cheesy word play. So the "Best Use of Word Play" Dot of the Day from Sung is a site called WhatTheFont. It tells you what font an image is using. Sung's other neat "I Don't Understand How it Works but I'm Glad it Does" Dot is about a technology that uses laser for precise microfabrication (wait, does this mean I understand it?) OMG, it's The Fly, Reloaded! Intermission Q&A Q: Um.... none A: Actually, the answer is, Sung has a bus load of cool Dots on funny vids and crazy design stuff, since he is, well, a crazy designer. No, he's not crazy crazy, but funny crazy. So if ya bored, head to Sung's Dots. Since we are on the topic of flies and flying, Don Dotted something from up high, and it's won the "Webcam Dot of the Day" award. If you can't afford to take your sweetie up the Space Needle for a romantic evening, turn down the light and turn on your computer for a 360 view of Seattle from the Space Needle. This works for out of town relatives as well. Here is the "Caption Contest Dot of the Day" from Mike: , which reminds me of something I Dotted yesterday: Captioning the Bushes. I hate Caption Contest because I would spend 30 minutes trying to think of something witty only to convince myself it's actually not that witty. But you, dear readers, I'm sure are very witty, so please, comment and let us know what brings to your mind when you see this picture. You can also consult some Chinese lessons which I dot, purely for academic reasons, of course. The "Human Rights Dot of the Day" also came from Mike, about the Tianenment Square Chronicle. Without fail, this issue, and the pictures, make me cry without fail every time. The candlelight vigil at Hong Kong's Victoria Park Monday in 2001 to mark the 12th anniversary of the millitary crackdown at Tiananmen Square. Sometimes it's not just the number of airplanes or software licenses sold. Speaking of software, Adam Dotted a pic of how IT projects are done, which everyone agreed and had a good laugh, albeit nervously, because we all contribute to that distorted view of that golden goal: What the Customer really Wants. Seriously, someone just might win a Nobel Prize someday if he/she/they figure that one out. Elsewhere though, someone *is* winning a Nobel Prize for Journalism, but, unfortunately called "for Treason". What a bunch of hogwash, as Eric noted. Phew... how long is this post already? And I don't think I've gone through all the Dots I wanted to go through. Not even *close*. And this is just my Friends view, not the UW view. The cool kids at UW had lots of cool Dots too. Ok this is exhausting. I never realized I found out so much in a day from Blue.Us. I guess that's cuz it feels... really easy, actually. Like, effortless. Well, this concludes my first Dot Review post. Before I go, did you guess which Dot got reDotted the most? ... ... ... Drum rolls please... It's the Jet Blue Easter Egg! Congratulations Mike you won the "Most Likely To get reDotted" Prize for Wednesday April 19th! Nikki 10-4


Anonymous Steve said...

Regarding the NSA wiretapping the only problem with the logic is that is was not illegal. Granted it is possibly it should be but it is in fact not and the first run at the courts have said as much.

4/25/06, 2:21 PM  

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