Monday, March 27, 2006

Hello University of Washington!

The Blue.Us Crew threw on some cheap t-shirts and grabbed piles of fliers to go see a bunch of students at the Unversity this morning. For you UW students who saw us there, thanks for taking fliers. We felt silly but got some great reactions from you. My personal favorite was the two guys who ruined a whole batch of people walking towards us near frat row. Thanks to you guys saying "no gracias" at the front of a large column of people, you ruined our stats for that group. It was actually quite funny. I also got a kick out of hearing Jigna say that she was following people and saying "I know you don't want to talk to me..." Geez. Talk about humiliating. Getting the word out ain't easy! And no, we did not pay really good-looking students to hand these out - it was us! The developers, the PM, the designer, the CEO, the VP of Engineering, the well-dressed business dude who made a couple ladies blush. Hehe. It's great to trying to give away an iPod Nano and see that half of the student body already owns an iPod of one sort or another. Well, you can always put the winnings up on Ebay. So here's the deal for UW folks. Make sure you create your account using your UW email address. Get on Blue.Us. Create 5 Dots by April 2nd. That makes you eligible. One of you will win an iPod Nano. The odds are going to be pretty good.


Blogger Adam said...

You going to include people who have already been dotting?

3/27/06, 2:53 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Good question, Adam.

Anyone who has a UW account as their primary email address, and Dots 5 times this week (before April 2nd), will be entered.

3/27/06, 4:45 PM  

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