Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I snag first post! I guess that's the benefit of actually creating the blog. Currently, all of us Blue Dot is aflutter. We're in a "serious bug-fixing smashmouth brawl" trying to get our most recent release ready for primetime. My job is to file them faster than people can resolve them. We know we're getting close to launch when I can't keep up with the fixes. Those folks lucky enough to have been invited to BDHQ for our little party last week got a sneak peek at what's coming. They also drank all the wine and beer in the house. Nice work folks! This is a big release - a really big release - and we appreciate all of our beta users and your patience. We've wanted to get this "just right" before opening it up to the real world and I think we're getting to a place where we feel really proud of what we've built. For now, Dot a lot, send us feedback, and we'll continue to work to get things the way we all want them to be. Cheers.


Blogger Nikki Chau said...

Nice new blue background. Me likey!

3/1/06, 1:39 AM  

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