Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nikki Chau for Blue Blog

Hi! Hello. Um, hola! (No, too bold). Hi there. (Too weak). Heeey, how yuuu doing? (Nah, too cheesy). ... 10 minutes (or so) later... Hi! (Ok, I am just plain trying too hard now). You know, this first-post-introduction thing is hard! I'm all of the sudden nervous and self-conscious, like that feeling you get on your first date or on an interview--trying to be yourself and trying to make a good impression at the same time. So, I'm Nikki Chau. I'm helping the Blue.Us crew with bringing our really awesome product to more people and figuring out ways to make it even more awesomer (I'm pretty sure my English professor will cry reading that). In other words, I want to find out what's working and what needs more work, and my goal is for you to have a killer experience using Blue.Us. My interests include User Experience and Interaction Design. I love rock climbing and travelling, and in general seek amazing human connections and experiences. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, either through this blog or in person. IM/Email/SMS me, let's grab coffee and talk. Um... adios! Ciao! (too much?) See ya later gator... (err... high cheese factor?) Okay, here's my last try I'll be bock!


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