Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why I Dot, part deux

If you've read Why I Dot, part One, you might say to yourself, "well geez, that's all fine and dandy, Nikki, so you're an information hoarder, here's a sticker, but I'm not like you, what use do I have of this thing called Dotting?" Ah, so glad you asked. Planning That's right, Dotting is the new Planner. When I need to plan something, I just dot all and anything related to it, and give it a unique tag name, so I can type it in the search box and have everything come up. Comparison Shopping I am terribly indecisive. I have been known to camp out at my local grocery store because I can't decide between 60% dark chocolate or 70% dark chocolate. Oh yes, it's that bad. Ok, maybe not *that* bad, but it's pretty bad. So, you can imagine the magnitude of a task when I need to buy a big tix item, like a laptop. I dotted everything I saw on laptops: reviews, pictures, specs, prices, deals, everything. The benefits: - I can keep track of what I've seen - I don't waste someone's time, or mine, when I want to show someone what I've seen - My friends can help me decide too, because it's like me taking them shopping with me (without having to buy them lunch or dinner, bonus!) To-do list Have you ever come across something you wanna read online but run short ontime? That happens to me all the time. So I Dot it, and later on when I check my Dots, I'll know which ones I haven't read or checked out. Those are just three things for now. There are, of course, many other uses of Dotting, I'm sure. What's yours? What other ways do you think Dotting can be used for? (I know, uncharacteristic of me to not have a gazillion links in a blog, but don't you worry, next time, Linkzilla will be back ;) ) 10-4


Blogger Jon Keto said...

What about competing to find the wackiest stuff on the net?

What about the need to constantly have your dots on top?

What about being bored or wanting to waste time rather than doing homework?

Or, sometimes in my case, hoping that your friends will read articles you dotted, so that I can finally talk about something I am interested in rather the boring chit chat they come up with?

4/21/06, 4:22 PM  

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