Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beers with adam

A bunch of us went down the block last night for some beers at Temple Billiards with Adam to pick his brain about how we can make Blue.Us better (thanks for being a good sport, Adam!). I found out about him because he blogged a bit about us and I saw that he had mentioned us via Technorati. I was happy to go check his blog and see a sparkling little Blue.Us widget on the right-hand side of the page. Sweet! Those little widgets have made it out onto some of our user's blogs already and have proven to be an awesome way of keeping their content fresh. On his blog, we had a small conversation about what he liked and what he did not like so much about Blue.Us. Adam is fairly new to the site but he's a pretty active Dotter already (he created 120+ Dots since early March). He described himself as sort of an information junkie and as someone who didn't really want to miss anything that might be going on anywhere that he cares about. He had a ton of great ideas about making the site better. One of them was to be a bit better at posting to this blog... so Adam, here you go... Here's what I think - I think we should go out to more beers with more users, that's what I think. So blog about us. Send us feedback using the feedback form on our site. Tell us you know the secret that's going to make the world go Dot-crazy. Finally, make sure to ask me for some beer. It can happen for you just like it happened for Adam (and Nikki, for that matter, who also came along - she got free beer in the deal). It was good times and I love pitchers of Manny's. Actually, I'll pretty much drink any beer you want to drink (my co-workers will vouch for that) - I'm flexible that way. Unfortunately, no photographic evidence of last night is available for public consumption. That's a mistake I'll have to remedy next time.


Blogger Adam said...

So... we have to go out again, and this time take a picture.

If I keep writing blog posts about your site, are you going to keep feeding me beer?

"Will Web 2.0 Consult for Beer"
Thats my new slogan.

4/19/06, 11:52 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Well I guess that depends on what your blog posts say... If you are being helpful, then "maybe." If you're not being helpful, then you buy my beer.

I should warn you though, "beer invitation number two" usually is a heavier drinking session wherein we solve all the world's problems, put the solution on a cocktail napkin and then attempt to decipher it the following day.

4/19/06, 12:56 PM  

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