Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Export your Faves [aka Dots]

Many of our users have asked for a way to export their dots so they can:

  1. Backup their data.
  2. Feel comfortable that they are not locked-in to Blue Dot while they are in "trial" mode.
  3. Can take their data to other bookmarking services.

We've implemented an export feature so you can now get all your dots downloaded into a single file. We use the standard browser Bookmark File format (supported in IE and Firefox, e.g.). You can use this file to read your Dots offline (it's just an HTML/Web page you can save on your local machine), or import this file to other bookmarking services (including

To find the export tool, just click the Tools link at the top of the page, and look for "Export Dots". Here's a direct link:

Export Your Bookmarks

Of course, you can also import this same file format to get started with Blue Dot by bringing any links you have created in your browser (or exported from another Bookmarking service).

Import Your Bookmarks

As usual, please let us know how this works for you or if you have suggestions or problems by posting to our feedback page.


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