Thursday, June 01, 2006


After months of reminders, Eric will be happy I'm finally posting to the blog :) I figured now would be an appropriate time to chime in since he's down in Cali for his little bro's wedding - and well someone should hold down our handy-dandy blog. What really motivated me, is that I wanted to tell everyone about these cookies Jigna made - they're so damn good. I just ate so many that my stomach is starting to hurt /me hopes he doesnt hurl. She just had her 1-year anniversary of being at bd (yay jigs!) and made little blue cookies to commemorate. You should really get in on these cookies - I'll try and save some. I mean the fact that Derek is WFH means that they wont all be scarfed by 5p. Anyways, enough about cookies. I went to the Tech Crunch party last night - I'm sure many reading this were either there or have already read blog posts about it. It was totally sweet. Because we're not officially launching for a few more weeks (hint, hint ;)) I went more to just meet other industry folks, bounce around ideas, and hang out. It was totally awesome - there was someone from pretty much every start-up in Seattle. I met a lot of great people, and successfully avoided the press as I had been instructed :) Everyone I spoke to seemed super excited about our launch, and getting the chance to check out the system and have it OPEN to EVERYONE (hint, again). Anyways - back to getting ready for the main event. Check back here for more update - I'll try to check-in with information about our big launch without giving away all the surprises ;)


Blogger Jigna said...

Aww, thanks for commenting on my blue cookies Kabir!
For those wondering why I made them blue: I'm attempting to start a tradition where the BD folks get to bring in something edible + blue when they hit their anniversaries at Blue Dot.
Eric, Ross, Mohit and Kabir, since your anniversary just passed, you should bring something in! :P

6/2/06, 9:20 AM  

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