Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sneaky Blue Dot got scooped by the International Bloggers!

A couple weeks ago we put out a site release that exposed us, for the first time ever, to anyone who wanted to sign up and try out Blue Dot. We didn't really tell any press about it because we were officially launching at Gnomedex (we had a second ultra-sneaky release just prior to our release there). Well, much to our happy chagrin, people found out about our secret little release and started writing about it anyways. The first mention I found was by someone running a Spanish blog site called WWWhat's new? and the writeup was titled "BlueDot - Conocer las páginas preferidas de tus amigos." Nice job on the initial scoop! The second mention was another Spanish blog - this one was called Genbeta and had a bit larger of a following. Their article was called "BlueDot, agregador social de sitios que te interesan." This person gave a little shout out to "WWWhat's new?" for the original scoop. From those first mentions, things got a little crazy. We got picked up by a Chinese blogger and a Japanese blog called "Web 2.0 Style." All of this before our launch made it into any English blogs. Props go out to Brian Benzinger for getting the first English Blue Dot blog-post after our launch on his most-excellent blog Solution Watch. Brian did a great and thoughtful write-up and we were quite pleased. And to date, our largest traffic has been sent from a Polish blog! That was not something we expected. I used an online translator to try and make heads or tails of what they were saying and I came up with a title of something like "Fresh idea on social bookmarking" and a first line that read something like:
(Translated from Polish) "At last something acts original. In whole bay of next maple (clone) and service has appeared technorati"
I thought that sounded pretty nice so thanks a lot!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I reviewed you too.

7/12/06, 12:55 AM  
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