Thursday, August 03, 2006

File under "nifty": Domain Dots

Hey there. I just wanted to file a quick post and let you know about a couple interesting ways that may help you get more out of using Blue Dot. The two things I'm going to tell you about tonight are both variations on a theme - getting Dots for a particular domain (website). 1) Using Blue Dot search - you can narrow search results on Blue Dot to return Dots only from a specific domain. For instance, imagine that you want to see all of the Dots from that have the word music in them. You could type the following into the search box: music I got 439 results for that one. Click this to try the search for yourself and see if your community has Dotted any music from Amazon. Pretty nifty, eh? There's only one thing you have to keep in mind on these searches - sometimes the domain you want to search is indexed with a "www" and sometimes it's not. If you're getting zero results where you expect to be seeing some, that could be the issue. 2) Bookmarklet fun - now this one is something a bunch of us have been using internally for a while and thought you might enjoy. If you add the following "Domain Dots" bookmarklet to your bookmarks, you can press it while you're on any website and it will show you all of your friends' Dots from that site. It's pretty fun to have your friends' knowledge a click away from wherever you are: Domain Dots In IE, just right-click the link above and save it to your bookmarks. In Firefox, you can either right-click and save -or- you can just drag the link to your bookmarks bar. Let me know what you think of these features and keep sending us your ideas. Cheers!


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