Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Site Release: 20060815

Welcome, diggers! To digg this release, click here. Today, we are releasing some major improvements to the Blue Dot web site, www.bluedot.us. Personal Messaging - You can now send a message to any user on Blue Dot. Messages from your friends will be in one Inbox, while messages from other Blue Dot users will be in another. You can also attach a personal message to any friend request, which is a nice way to introduce yourself. Comments Tracking - We’ve made it much easier to find the comments your friends are adding to your dots. By clicking on the Comments link on your Blue Dot home page, you can now see all the new comments on your dots since you logged on as well as any follow-up comments on your friends' dots. No more digging through all of your Dots to see if people have responded! Activity Notification - When there are new comments or messages waiting for you, you'll see a "New" notification on your home page highlighting new messages, comments, and friend requests. Tag Improvements - We've implemented some major improvements in tag navigation. Click on any tag in the right hand column and you'll see the related tags displayed. You can add these tags to your previous query by clicking the "+" symbol or "pivot" on a new tag by clicking another tag. Play around with it. It's a fun and powerful way to explore your own or your friends' dots. You can now view and edit all of your own tags. I was amazed to find that I have used 2,500 unique tags. Can anybody compete with that? Dot Permissions - You can now see who each dot has been shared with directly in the Dot display. Look for the "Shared with" field under the title of each dot. Enhanced Feed Support - Our advanced blogging users have asked for expanded auto-Dotting so you can now configure Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds no matter where your blog is hosted. You can now ensure that all of your posts get created as Dots. We hope you like the new features as much as we do. Please send us your feedback on these or other new features you’d like to see in a future release.


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