Monday, March 23, 2009

Faves is up and running again

We were able to get our servers started in our new location as of Saturday at 6pm. Our new ISP is WowRack. They've been really helpful during our move and we love our new location (I wish my office had a view like this one!)

Mohit and Lee (pictured) and I started powering down our servers at 9am. We moved them to the Westin Building (our new location) in two trips (taking care to move our master and slave database replicas in two different trips in case we had a car accident!).

Racking the servers went pretty smoothly, and we were able to take the opportunity to clean up some of the wiring that built up over the last 2 years. We've gained remote power management in this new location - which means we can reboot servers without taking a trip to the data center on the rare occasion where that is needed.

Now that our move is complete, we're looking forward to refreshing by making some performance improvements, and making it an even better utility for social bookmarkers.


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